The Soft 6: Episode 1 – Love will find a way…. even from Syria!

Good evening viewers and welcome to Episode 1 of The Soft 6, “Love will find a way, even from Syria”.

The premise is simple.  I decided that the next time I received a friend request on Facebook that looked suspicious, I would accept the request and see what happened. And to say the outcome was surprising is an understatement!  I used a Facebook group I started nearly a decade ago as a “test audience” and what was originally going to be a funny thread documenting my engagement with a scammer, turned into a little cult “series” of sorts!

So grab a drink, make some popcorn, sit back and relax and enjoy “The Soft 6”!


Date:  30 July 2017

Friend request arrives from what appears to be a US soldier with a very non US solider name (it will be revealed in due course).

Friend request accepted.  Here we go!

1 - Copy

I accepted his request straight away, then chickened out and unfriended him but we were already connected on messenger and he sent the message above almost immediately after I unfriended him!


*Credit Justin Hamilton for the “hundreds of dollars a year” comment!


That’s not a typo.  His first name aka his alias is “Williams”!


What self respecting person wants to know the soft measurement?

I mean, seriously!


Did he just say Honeypot?



To be continued…..

Big Daddy Yo has gone to work. There’s shit going down in Aleppo.



Also, check out The Soft 6 Store

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