Episode 10: Wow!

Previously on The Soft 6, Princess Buttercup was about to share a secret with Big Daddy Yo. What could it possibly be? Will it finally end this tedious love story? And why the fuck does Big Daddy Yo keep calling her?  And what about that joke from Braeden Silvermist?  Gold, right?

Tonight, be prepared for some very revealing discussions between these star crossed “lovers” (I feel dirty writing that).

Here it is,

Episode 10: “


55123Screenshot (176)_LI678910

Screenshot (181)_LI.jpg1112

Screenshot (183)_LI.jpg1213.jpgScreenshot (185)_LI.jpg14.jpg

Screenshot (187)_LI.jpg1617.jpg

Screenshot (189)_LI.jpg


Screenshot (191).png


Screenshot (195)_LI.jpg


Screenshot (197)_LI.jpg


And then, for no apparent reason and totally out of the blue… .THIS HAPPENED!!!!

WTF Big Daddy Yo!


Screenshot (199)_LI.jpg


So as Big Daddy Yo heads off into the sunset, ready to smashthe terrorists, Princess Buttercup is scraping her jaw off the floor…..

What the actual fuck Chongo Bongo?

A seamless little filthbomb and then he moves on like nothing happened 😂

So until next time, “Stay groovy and don’t get scammed!” (credit for the slight variation of the ending of a favourite podcast of mine My Favorite Murder).



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