Episode 11: Save the Children



Last time on the Soft 6 Big Daddy Yo managed to prove quite easily that not all “Officers” are “Gentlemen” by sending Princess Buttercup a very to the point “massage”!


Princess Buttercup (in real life) is on a work trip so she had to explain to Big Daddy Yo why her communication could be intermittent for awhile. What has she told Big Daddy Yo she is up to? How has he taken the news?

In tonight’s episode there are love letters and confusion. Big Daddy Yo is proving to be quite a poor example of a man. Let’s face it, Chongo Bongo is probably only 17 years old but the fact is, he needs to man up!

Also, is another man now vying for Princess Buttercup’s affections!

So much excitement so here is it folks!

Episode 11: “Save the Children”.

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Welcome back viewers….

Are you all on the edges of your seats?

You shouldn’t be….

Here’s the love letter Big Daddy Yo penned….All. By. Himself!


Screenshot (273)_LI


He didn’t even respond to my review of his love letter.

This can mean only one thing…. he knew it was shite too!

So…. PB headed off on her work trip and communication has been intermittent since then… but in the meantime, is someone else now vying for her love?

Wait a minute, wait a minute…. who is this dude?


Screenshot (275)_LI

Will Maicol add to the confusion of this love story?

Back to poor lonely heartbroken Chongo Bongo….


And this is where we leave you now, dear viewers…..

Will Princess Buttercup die from eating Jetstar food? Many have…..

Will Big Daddy Yo respond to her message or is he sulking because she has been mean and called him silly?

One thing we know for sure, with these two the course of love never runs smoothly….

Catch you soon for Episode 12!

This episode was proudly brought to you by The Love Boat and the letter O.

Screenshot (278)

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