Episode 12: Shoot me Now!

the soft 6


Since the last episode of The Soft 6, Princess Buttercup has been busy on her business trip but she still found time to touch base with Big Daddy Yo.  The fact is, talking to Yo is like pulling teeth.  Chongo Bongo is boring as fuck for a young dude. Like seriously, he has little charm, no humour and he’s possessive and jealous and greedy.  PB is truly “taking one for the team”!

So where were we? Oh that’s right, last week our star crossed lovers exchanged love letters.   Princess Buttercup varied the Love Boat Theme a little and then Big Daddy Yo plagiarised her plagiarised love letter.

Oh and we also met Maicol. Yep, there is another man in Princess Buttercup’s life now. Let’s see how their love affair has progressed.

And where we left off, Princess Buttercup had a big meeting the next day with the Minister of Orphans and Unwanted Babies. Let’s see how that went!

So here it is folks, sit back, relax and enjoy….

Episode 12: “Shoot me now!”

2345Screenshot (382)_LI6789Screenshot (385)_LI1011

My favourite line from Big Daddy Yo to date!


And that is where things ended that Tuesday so PB touched base again with Big Daddy Yo the next day….
1617182.jpgScreenshot (387)_LI202122

Feeling dismayed that Big Daddy Yo doesn’t appreciate Princess Buttercup’s comedy gold, she decided to see what Maicol has been up to….




Hmmm not much happening with Maicol, so back to Big Daddy Yo it is…..



Screenshot (389)_LI4041Screenshot (391)_LI


And here comes an absolute gem from Big Daddy Yo….

4546Screenshot (393)_LI47



49Screenshot (395)_LI5051

And then Princess Buttercup had a moment of bravado….


She finally called and Big Daddy Yo didn’t answer…


Is he still upset Princess Buttercup said he had put her in a corner? The only way you will find out is to stay tuned and wait for Episode 13…

If there IS an Episode 13….

This episode was brought to you by CastlesRUs and the letter Z.Screenshot (397)_LI

Til next time groovers!

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