The Soft 6: Episode 13: Where the fuck are you?



Good Evening Fans of the Soft 6

We do apologise for the lengthy delay in getting our new episode up.  The thing is the author has continued to converse with Big Daddy Yo in real time and let’s say things get very full on which you will discover in future episodes.  But as you will also see from this episode, material only flows forth when Big Daddy Yo had the time to indulge his love, Princess Buttercup!

Previously on The Soft 6, Big Daddy Yo proved once again his copy and paste skills are on point but he is also a big, fat, plagiarising liar. Princess Buttercup has now returned to her island home, Amity Island, and she is tormented by how fucking dull this little Nigerian scammer is and yet, for the sake of comedy potential and also a climax to this saga, she has engaged him to the point of extreme boredom.

PB even tried calling him – so brave, right?

Is their love dead before PB got the perfect ending for her comedy show? Will Big Daddy Yo ever ask her for money and give her the ultimate punchline?

Find out now in Episode 13 of The Soft 6!

3.jpg4567Screenshot (28)_LIScreenshot (621)_LIScreenshot (623)_LI789Screenshot (626)_LI9Screenshot (630)_LI10Screenshot (632)_LIScreenshot (628)Screenshot (633)_LIScreenshot (635)_LIScreenshot (637)_LI

Welcome back viewers… so it might have dawned on you already that poor old Princess Buttercup is desperately trying to get this dolt to say something interesting or funny or just not so fucking dull…..

Can she do it?

Let’s find out now!

11Screenshot (639)_LIScreenshot (641)_LI12Screenshot (643)_LI131415

And now we enter into a very grim place… this the end of their romance?  Days passed and then a scant message arrived…. here tis…..


Another two days passed…


And another day passed….

15Screenshot (646)_LI

Is this the saddest thing you’ll ever see?

19Screenshot (648)_LIScreenshot (650)_LI.jpg

This is where we are right now groovers. Maicol is also now silent not that I understood a fucking word he said anyway…..

So this is an interactive episode. Start suggesting messages for me to leave for Big Daddy Yo in case he ever saves up enough dong or whatever currency they use to go back to the internet cafe…..
Screenshot (652)_LIScreenshot (646)20Screenshot (654)_LIScreenshot (656)_LI2122


And I guess now we just wait.

So sorry groovers.

Wish I had more to say but the struggle is real…..

Damn that Chongo Bongo…. he is depriving me of a climax!!!

For the show I mean….

What is the show without a punchline!


Screenshot (651)

Screenshot (657)_LIScreenshot (659)_LI

And yet she persisted….



Screenshot (661)_LI

Screenshot (663)_LI.jpg


1. He’s dead in a ditch
2. He’s actually getting coin from one of his other princesses or
3. He knows he is being scammed….


Will Big Daddy Yo ever return?

Find out next Tuesday on The Soft 6!


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