The Soft 6: Episode 14: The moment we’ve all been waiting for – It’s Scam Time Motherfuckers!

It’s been a tough time for Princess Buttercup …. very very tough. So tough in fact she was convinced Big Daddy Yo was dead and in true Romeo + Juliet fashion, she was readying herself to join him in the afterlife. Things were getting grim.

Very, very grim.

But will true love always find a way?

Grab a drink and get comfy folks, here it is, Episode 14 of The Soft 6!



4 days ago


Just as our bereft Princess Buttercup was fashioning a noose…this arrived!


Screenshot (703)_LI

8910111213Screenshot (705)_LI14Screenshot (707)_LIScreenshot (709)_LIScreenshot (711)_LIScreenshot (713)_LI1517Screenshot (713)1819Screenshot (715)Screenshot (717)_LI

Right… where were we? Oh yes, we were all in suspenders. Big Daddy Yo has something to tell Princess Buttercup! Whatever could it be?

181924Screenshot (719)_LI

2122Screenshot (721)_LI2324Screenshot (723)_LIScreenshot (725)_LI26272930

Screenshot (727)_LI.jpg


If Big Daddy Yo can copy and paste, so can Princess Buttercup!

Love and affection to anyone who knows where this is from… and don’t be a Yo and google it!


Screenshot (729)_LI.jpg


Screenshot (731)_LI.jpg


Screenshot (733)_LI.jpg


And this dear viewers, is where the episode ends….

No complaining, no whining! The Yo is back! Be happy and celebrate (and pitythe fuck out of me!)….

It’s possible I will fall asleep before he returns. Or I might even die… of boredom…. but I will take one for the team… if and when he does return…. I suspect he has a much better and more hoodwinked victim to toy with right now.

So, as summer finally arrives in Australia my life will shift dramatically in that I shall be outdoors a lot and rarely near my computer.  So dear readers, see you in Winter for Season 2 Episode 15 of The Soft 6.

It will be worth the wait.

Until then, celebrate love. You know you want to!








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