The Soft 6: Episode 16: “Bow Chongo Bow Wow”

stay soft.jpg

Where we left off…..

Chongo Bongo needed some minutes but did he come back? Or should we say “cum” back?

This episode, is a shorty, but a goodie. More like a Soft 6 than a hard 9.

Rated R for…. rude…. please grab a drink and some Pringles and get ready for Episode 16: “Bow Chongo Wow Wow”



2.jpgScreenshot (1404)_LI






1415Screenshot (1406)_LI161718

Screenshot (1406)

19Screenshot (1408)_LI

And then, as only Chongo Bongo, the most boring and useless scammer on the planet can….

Change the subject just when it was getting creepy…. .and so very, very wrong……


And this, dear readers, is where Princess Buttercup fell asleep. Or died of boredom. Or just lost the will to type…..

Next time on The Soft 6, will Princess Buttercup give Big Daddy Yo the best birthday ever?  (Not that the despicable shit he is deserves it or anything…. still feeling dirty after the “hole” comment).

This episode was brought to you by the Kama Sutra and the letters XXX


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