The Soft 6: Episode 17: Happy Birthday to Yo!

Where we left off… Big Daddy Yo was demanding Princess Buttercup tell him about “the tomorrow” and she left him, like you lovely viewers, hanging. Let’s not forget as well that he actually said these words: “You permit me fucking some holes”. Much romance. What a guy!

Tonight, there is a bit of fighting between Big Daddy Yo and Princess Buttercup and BDY also proves he is truly the worst and most boring scammer in the history of scamming. And not only that, he has no fucking idea about romance at all… just in case you weren’t sure about that either!

Will Princess Buttercup ruin Big Daddy Yo’s birthday? And if so, did he deserve it?

Pour something strong if you can. This is going to be a long and difficult journey for us all!

Episode 17: Happy Birthday to Yo!


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Screenshot (1418)_LI.jpg1123.jpg

Ok let’s get a little interactive peeps.  The next bit is much better if you listen to this at the same time.  Simply click the link, hit play and keep reading…..

Chongo is All By Himself


Screenshot (1420)_LI6

Screenshot (1422)_LI

Screenshot (1424)_LI


Screenshot (1426)_LI.jpg



Screenshot (1429)_LI13


Screenshot (1431)_LI


Screenshot (1433)_LI


Screenshot (1435)_LI

Screenshot (1437)_LI.jpg


And this dear viewers, is where we leave you…..

Did Big Daddy Yo end up having some sexy fun with PB over the interwebs? Or is he still the miserable, needy, pain in the arse, mean and angry shit we have come to know and detest?

Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment of The Soft 6.

This episode was brought to you by Manchester United and the letters D I C K H E A D


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