The Soft 6: Episode 19. I can’t believe it’s not Fabio!

It’s been a year since I uploaded any episodes.  A year!  I’m soooo sorry but I’m now going to put up the remaining episodes as some as you have no doubt been sitting on the edge of your seats for a very long time.  My apologies.

I honestly don’t know where that year went?

Ok…. so here’s a recap for all of you groovers.

Last time on The Soft 6 Princess Buttercup had reached the end of her tether.  She told Big Daddy Yo that he had a split personality and she wasn’t a fan of one of them and said she needed space and if the “good” Big Daddy Yo came back she would consider talking to him.

So will the giant man baby sort his shit out?

Let’s see!


Screenshot (502)


Screenshot (504)_LI


Screenshot (506)_LI.jpg



Screenshot (509)_LI.jpg

Screenshot (511)_LI.jpg

Screenshot (514)_LI.jpg



Screenshot (517)_LI.jpg


Screenshot (519)_LI.jpg

Hmmmm how did this news go down for Big Daddy Yo?

Impressive move by Princess Buttercup right?

Is he about to explode to a level of anger and impatience we have never seen before?

And what about Fabio? Is he going to get to fuck Princess Buttercup’s hole? …. I can’t believe I just typed those words……

We’ll be right back after this word from our sponsors!

Screenshot (522)_LI.jpg

Screenshot (525)_LI

Screenshot (526)_LI.jpg

Screenshot (528)_LI.jpg

Screenshot (530)_LI.jpg

Screenshot (532)_LI.jpg

Welcome back viewers!  Hang onto your hats, this is getting very interesting….

And a quick recap from the first part of the episode.  How is Big Daddy Yo going to react when he knows Princess Buttercup sent him lots of goodies including an iPad to Damascus in a diplomatic satchel?


1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4Screenshot (534)_LI

Screenshot (536)_LI.jpg

Ok where were we?


Screenshot (538)_LI.jpg


Screenshot (540)_LI.jpg


Screenshot (543)_LI.jpg




Hmmmm is it time for negotiation?

What could his wish possibly be?

Join us next time on The Soft 6 to find out what it is Big Daddy Yo has in mind!
This episode has been brought to you by Chicken Sauce and the letters F and U BDY!

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