The Soft 6: Episode 20. Let’s Go Outside!

Welcome back Soft 6 viewers!

Last time on The Soft 6 Big Daddy Yo had continued to be a big fat giant baby man and had also started quoting status updates from my Facebook timeline. NOT CREEPY AT ALL!

Princess Buttercup sent him a heap of things including an iPod in a diplomatic satchel to Damascus and Big Daddy Yo was not pleased.

Somehow they managed to sort things out with some cheeky Savage Garden lyric quoting and where we left off, Big Daddy Yo asked Princess Buttercup to promise to do his wish!  Whatever could his wish be?


Here we go groovers!   It’s Episode 20 of The Soft 6!


Screenshot (545)_LI.jpg


Screenshot (547)_LI.jpg


Screenshot (549)_LI.jpg

2.jpg2.jpg1.jpg23.jpgScreenshot (552)_LI.jpg


Screenshot (554)_LI.jpg


Ummmm…. wait……… whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Screenshot (556)_LI.jpg
Princess Buttercup was a bit thrown by that comment and responded the only way she really could……


Yes, this is a short episode but yet another cliff hanger…. Does Big Daddy Yo not like sex outdoors?

Tune in next time to find out!

This episode of The Soft 6 was brought to you by Savage Garden and the letters WTF!

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